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  1. As Father Ripper will happily inform you, croquet mallets don't have souls. :(


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    ah but what if we give objects souls by our actions

    i bet veronica’s mallet would have a whole lotta soul in it

  2. Getting 100% is incredibly irritating, because Chandler locks as a croquet player when she dies, and you only get one game with McNamara after she unlocks, which has a secret time limit (the length of Kindergarten Boyfriend).


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    so why can’t you play croquet with ghost heather?? can she not hold the mallets or something

    what if you were to kill a croquet mallet, could she pick up the croquet mallet’s ghost

  3. Fortunately, I have not yet seen one person express attraction to the Aladdin character, only the actor playing him. The mental breakdown scene, btw - da~amn.


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    hmm, the show is very very clear right from his introduction that aladdin is a disgusting horrible person — somewhat unlike jd, who’s kind of subtle about being a dickweed, until approximately after dead girl walking — so that might be relevant?

    but yES the mental breakdown v eRY GOOD

  4. i just saw twisted and oh my god


    such starkid



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  6. coffeedepablo:

    Girls don’t want boys girls want good storylines, canon otps, and their favorite female characters to get what they deserve

  7. In the Heathers video game, Chandler's theme is candy store- until she dies, then it becomes the me inside of me. Once she's dead, candy store becomes Duke's theme, and to highlight this, it plays when Duke gets the red scrunchie.


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  8. mostlytumbler:

    You’ve angered the wrong fandom pal, we have gifs of Doctor Who looking cross and we’re not afraid to post them!

    his name is the doctor, not “doctor who”, you’ve angered the wrong fandom