there be horses here

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  2. toadkisses:

    *leans against a wall exuding a cool aura* musicals? nah, man, that was a long time ago… im not that kinda person anymore *stumbles a little* *thousands of tiny pictures of broadway fall out of my pocket* wait fuck i promise thats not what you think it is *bends over to pick up pictures* *jacket falls off, my “I ❤ MUSICALS!” shirt is revealed* fuck

  3. but imagine veronica and heather mac grocery shopping together like heather would want to buy all this sugary food and veronica would be like no that's so unhealthy so heather would sneak food into the cart


    they’re in the cereal isle and heather gets ten boxes of all the sugary cereals meant for kids and veronica looks at her as she carries all of the boxes in her arms and walks over to the cart and just goes “no.” heather pouts and puts (most of) them back

    veronica will never understand how she can eat so much sugar. she always has candy with her even when veronica tries to stop her from buying more she always ends up with it (and it’s always yellow/lemon flavored candy)

  4. kayla-bird:

    In Seventeen, Veronica sings “Fight the urge to strike a match and set this dump ablaze.”

    She has the same thoughts as JD- but she’s too strong to let herself act on them.

    She is so much a better person than she thinks.

    it’s deeper that that. consider the context.

    jd wants to explode westerburg “with everyone inside pew pew pew”. the school’s incidental. what he wants is for everyone else to disappear.

    veronica? does not want that. never wants that. she briefly touches on the possibility of burning down westerburg during beautiful, the entire message of which is “there’s good in everyone but high school makes them act like dicks”. what she wants is to set everyone free of high school, so that they can be beautiful.

    veronica sawyer is the best person like oh my god

  5. so i wanted to write thirteen’s regeneration episode, but writing action is hard and i’m dumb and lazy! so i’ve written it. kinda. however i took an unorthodox approach that absolutely would not work for a real episode woohoo

    anyway this is entitled “why i must never be allowed to write doctor who" so have fun

    (the doctor is of course meant to be portrayed by barrett wilbert weed; clara is still played by jenna louise coleman)

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  6. Lines I'm glad they replaced but the original still makes me grin: "You say you're numb inside, but I can't agree [...]"/"That works for me" was originally "You say you're numb inside, but you're really not [...]"/"My God you're hot".


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    the final version is obviously infinity times better but oh my god

  7. heatherheatherheatherandmaiya:

    so when veronica is writing the note on heather duke’s back, heather mcnamara casually keeps leaning in closer to veronica and eyeballing her